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Suga Of BTS Makes A Low-Key Appearance At A Football Match; ARMY Spots Him In Viral Photos;


Because BTS Suga recently kept a low profile and attended a football match, the Army did not miss out on spotting him in the crowd and making the photos go viral.

The singer was seen watching the football game while wearing a mask and a cap to conceal his presence.Many Army members expressed their delight at spotting him in the audience, while others urged fans to respect his privacy and refrain from sharing the photos.

Suga from BTS at a football matchOne of the BTS Army members recently took to Twitter and shared a couple of photos from a football game, revealing how they were able to spot one of the BTS members, Suga, in the audience. In the first image, he included a glimpse of the audience sitting, while in the second, he included a close-up image of BTS Suga and dropped hearts around him to allow others to identify him.

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The BTS Army member shared more photos of BTS Suga, who was dressed all in black and trying to keep his presence as low-key as possible during the football match. Farbod Esnaashari, a football writer, reshared these photos on Twitter and revealed that BTS Suga attended the Clippers game and kept it low-key.

He also mentioned how he had the opportunity to say hello to him at halftime, which he described as an incredibly unexpected and cool moment. In another tweet, he revealed that BTS Suga was dressed in a North Face jacket, beanie, and mask. In addition, he revealed that no one recognised him during the game, and that only the Clippers’ staff was aware of his presence, and that they were aware of his arrival hours before tipoff. Furthermore, he mentioned how strange it was to see a celebrity in public who was not bothered. He also revealed that he was sitting in Section 111 when he shared more information.


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