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The FDA has approved AbbVie’s Migraine Prevention Drug in the US.

AbbVie Inc said on Tuesday the U.S. health regulator authorised its once-day by day oral medicine for preventive remedy of migraine in adults, including a third drug to the drugmaker’s arsenal of cures for severe complications.

The drug, Qulipta, which AbbVie will launch in early October, will enter a crowded marketplace for migraine prevention pills consisting of Eli Lilly’s Emgality, Amgen Inc’s Aimovig and Biohaven Pharmaceutical maintaining Co Ltd’s Nurtec ODT.

U.S. FDA approves AbbVie's migraine prevention drug

Analysts assume the drug will usher in income of over $640 million through 2025, according to Refinitiv records.

AbbVie received Qulipta in 2020 as part of its $63 billion deal for Allergan, along with anti-wrinkle and persistent migraine remedy Botox and acute migraine drug Ubrelvy.

Qulipta belongs to a category of drugs called calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) receptor antagonists, also known as “gepants”, which act by blockading a pathway that reputedly performs a function in migraine activation.

FDA approves Abbvie's preventative migraine tablet

The food and Drug administration‘s approval of Qulipta is supported by records from an overdue-level study, which confirmed the drug brought on a statistically sizable reduction in average monthly headache days in patients as compared to placebo.

Migraine, which is characterised by a severe headache and other symptoms such as mild sensitivity and nausea, affects approximately 39 million people in the United States, according to AbbVie.

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