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The first-ever wearable ‘erection tracker’ can detect disease risk.

A ring worn around the penis could help men figure out what’s causing their erectile dysfunction, and it could even indicate the presence of a deadly disease.It is the first modern wearable “erection tracker” that provides information about a man’s health.Erections, or the lack of them, can indicate a variety of physical and mental health issues.Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction frequently struggle to understand why, which adds to their emotional or relationship stress.

While it’s common to think of erections as a sign of libido or bedroom performance, they actually reveal a lot more about men’s health, especially as they age.The Adam Sensor, manufactured by Adam Health, is strapped to the base of the penis and worn overnight. According to the creators, it is comfortable to wear under pyjamas and is almost unnoticeable.

It keeps track of how many erections a man has while sleeping. Even if they don’t work once they’re between the sheets, nighttime erections indicate that the erection mechanism is in check.

According to the NHS, healthy men have three to five erections per night that last up to three hours.It’s unclear why this occurs, but some experts believe it’s the body’s way of keeping the erection mechanism healthy by keeping blood flowing into the erectile tissue.”Whatever their cause, most doctors agree that night-time erections are a sign that everything is in working order,” according to the NHS.

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The Adam Sensor can assist in determining why a man is suffering from ED, which can have a variety of causes.If data show that he still has nighttime erections despite struggling to “get it up” in the bedroom, it suggests that the causes are psychological, such as anxiety or stress.It can help them determine whether their treatment, such as erection pills, is effective.”You might be able to perform if you take something like Viagra, but you won’t know if the problem is getting worse,” Vasilakos explained.

“Alternatively, you may be using lifestyle interventions, such as losing weight, controlling diabetes, or exercising, and want to ensure that your natural erections are improving and that you’re not just seeing the Viagra effect.”For the time being, the Adam Sensor is only available to men who have come to a doctor for specialist erectile dysfunction investigations.However, it is hoped that the device will be available for purchase for home use by mid-2022.

“People count their steps, monitor their glucose, sleep, or fitness — it could be part of the quantitative health men are interested in,” Vasilakos said.”You might want to keep an eye on how things are going down there for the sake of the healthy population.” Things deteriorate as we age.”You might not feel as good as you used to and want to try some lifestyle interventions to see if they work.”


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