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The US-Russia Showdown Looms When Top Diplomats Meet In Iceland

Blinken and Lavrov to speak in Iceland at the same time as Washington’s ties with Moscow are beneathneath stress over myriad problems.

The US-Russia Showdown Looms When Top Diplomats Meet In Iceland

Top diplomats from the USA and Russia are set to rectangular off this week in Iceland for his or their first face-to-face stumble upon that comes as ties among the countries deteriorated sharply in the latest months.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Russia’s longtime Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov plan to speak Wednesday at the sidelines of an Arctic Council assembly withinside the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik, a metropolis with a deep record in US-Russian members of the family.

Even earlier than the talks – which might be ostensibly to put together for a summit among President Joe Biden and Russian chief Vladimir Putin subsequent month – the 2 diplomats laid down close to diametrically antagonistic positions for the assembly, previewing what’s possibly to be a tough and contentious exchange.

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This follows a spate of tit-for-tat diplomatic expulsions as US-Russian members of the family threaten a go back to Cold War lows.

The nuclear powers are at odds on myriad problems consisting of Ukraine, the Arctic, Russia’s remedy of competition parent Alexey Navalny and accusations of cyber malfeasance, consisting of claims that Russia-primarily based totally hackers had been liable for a ransomware assault on a key US pipeline.

“It might be our choice to have a greater strength and greater predictable courting with Russia,” Blinken stated on Tuesday. “At the equal time, we’ve been very clear that if Russia chooses to take reckless or competitive movements that focus on our pastimes or the ones of our allies and partners, we’ll respond. Not for functions of looking for warfare or escalating however due to the fact such demanding situations can not be allowed to move ahead with impunity.”

Blinken additionally tweeted on Tuesday the United States’s condemnation of Russia’s 2014 annexation of Crimea from Ukraine.

“We condemn Russia’s abuses in Crimea, particularly on May 18 as we mirror at the 77th anniversary of Stalin’s deportation of infinite Crimean Tatars from their local peninsula,” he posted.

Perhaps awaiting Blinken’s position, Lavrov had supplied a prebuttal at an information convention Monday in Moscow.

“Apparently, a (US) choice turned into made to sell strong, predictable members of the family with Russia,” he stated.

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“However, if this consists of consistent and predictable sanctions, that’s now no longer what we need. Our mindset towards the United States consists of the desire that normalised members of the family may be primarily based totally on unique movements in preference to phrases of which we’ve got heard too many.”

Blinken stated his assembly with Lavrov might be a crucial possibility to check the proposition that the United States and Russia can paintings collaboratively on positive problems, like weather change, the Middle East, Iran, and North Korea, regardless of sour disagreements on others. The assembly comes as a good deal of the sector is targeted at the Israel-Palestine warfare.

Blinken cited that regardless of the animosity, the United States and Russia had agreed early withinside the Biden management to a five-yr extension of a key finger manage percent that President Donald Trump had declined to resume earlier than he left office.

Trump left a decidedly blended legacy on Russia that covered a pleasant non-public courting with Putin, at the same time as his management imposed sanctions and different punitive measures.

Lavrov stated Moscow might decide its own “crimson lines” and emphasized that, withinside the sphere of strategic stability, it’s miles going to insist on placing each offensive and defensive, nuclear and non-nuclear guns at the negotiation table.

Another, greater instantaneously region of war of words in Reykjavik, the web website online of the well-known 1986 summit among President Ronald Reagan and Russian chief Mikhail Gorbachev, is the Arctic, wherein Russia has been increasing its navy presence and pursuing regulations to make bigger its influence, a good deal to the alarm of the United States.

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Blinken rejected Russian calls to renew a navy aspect of the Arctic Council and expressed issues approximately Russia’s growing navy pastime withinside the vicinity called the “excessive North.”

“We have issues approximately a number of the latest navy sports withinside the Arctic,” he stated. “That will increase the risks of injuries and miscalculations and undermines the shared aim of a non violent and sustainable destiny for the vicinity. So we should be vigilant approximately that.”

Blinken additionally took Russia to project for offering new navigational rules for the vicinity and decried Lavrov for feedback wherein he brushed off such grievance due to the fact the Arctic “is our territory, our land.”

“We should continue all of us, consisting of Russia, primarily based totally on the rules, primarily based totally on norms, primarily based totally on the commitments that we’ve ever made and additionally keep away from statements that undercut the ones,” Blinken stated.

In his feedback Monday, Lavrov cited the grievances approximately Russia’s navy sports withinside the Arctic.

“It has long been not unusual place expertise that that is our territory, our land. We are in fee of maintaining the Arctic coast safe. Everything Russia is doing there may be truly legal,” he stated.

Moscow and Washington also are embroiled in a sour dispute over the reputation in their respective embassies and consulates after diplomatic expulsions.

Russia has given the United States till August 1 to remove all non-American groups of workers at its diplomatic missions, something the United States says will make it almost not possible for its centers to function.

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