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The Vaccination Rate In New Hampshire Has Slowed As More Than 70% Of Adults Receive Their First Dose.

New Hampshire vaccine rate goes down

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is one of six countries with more than 70% of adults receiving at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine, but the vaccination rate is slowing down.

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With the exception of Hawaii, all states with 70% or more are in New England. Health officials have said that it is important for more people to be vaccinated to stop the pandemic.
“The number and proportion of people receiving at least one dose of vaccine is beginning to slow,” says State epidemiologist Dr Benjamin Chan.

There is still an increasing number of people in New Hampshire. To get latest updates receiving their second dose and the state is still requesting full federal vaccine allocation.

“We don’t think this virus will magically go away,” said Chan. “For many months or even years to come, it’s going to be with us.”

Health officials said 66% of people who qualify for age have received at least one dosage in the state. Officers said they want the number to go as high as possible.

Dr. Michael Calderwood, a Dartmouth-Hitchcock infectious disease specialist, said some people may still have challenges to book a rental appointment or go to a vaccine site.

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Calderwood said the vaccines were proven safe and efficient, but some people could still be reluctant.

“I think we can get a lot of people over their concerns if they are actually addressed to true data instead of what they see on social media,” said Calderwood.

The younger population is encouraged to consider the vaccine in the weeks to come.

“Even if they are not hospitalised, it will take us years to address the number of people with long-term symptoms, even after they recover,” he said.

Health officials said anyone with vaccine concerns should talk to someone they trust.


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