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Thor: Thunder And Love Writer’s Claim Superhero Storytellers Are More Entertaining Than Superheroes


Robinson made the remarks during a roundtable discussion with The Hollywood Reporter for their upcoming Next Gen issue.When asked about the genre’s future, Robinson stated, “We’ve reached a point where women and people of colour are front and center.””And, yes, the people onscreen look different, but what about the people behind the camera?” she continued. That is what excites me the most about the future of superhero films. I don’t believe it’s the superheroes, but rather the storytellers.” Robinson also addressed the inclusion of real-life anxieties in her stories, saying, “You never want to bring in an element that will take people out of the movie.””I don’t think running at topical or political stuff for the sake of running at it is very interesting,” she added, “but there is so much you can mine when you take something very real and put it in this hyper-world.

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“Robinson’s remarks about women and people of colour being at the forefront of the genre’s future echo what Marvel Studios producer Victoria Alonso recently said.In June, the Marvel producer attended the Annecy International Animation Film Festival to promote Marvel’s What If…? series.

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Alonso stated during a Woman in Animation panel that diversity, inclusion, and gender parity “all go hand in hand with showing the world as it is… We have access to approximately 6,000 characters in the Marvel library, so if all goes well, we will be telling these stories for many, many, many, many, many generations to come.” Alonso also stated in a Reddit AMA in 2019 that “the best part of working for Marvel Studios is 100% of it.” But, most importantly, being able to show new generations the characters who represent them in every way fills me with pride.”While he did not specifically mention women or people of color, Kevin Feige did promise that Marvel Studios would introduce more homosexual characters.


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