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Trey Songz’s Drink Appears To Have Been Spiked Goes Viral


A video of Trey Songz in the club is becoming a web sensation after a lady was discovered emptying something into his drink…although we don’t know without a doubt in the event that it truly was a spiked beverage as everybody is associating, by the day’s end, dependent on his response it unquestionably was without his assent since he was taking a gander at her CRAZY!

He was by all accounts occupied with a discussion out of the way when it occurred however he appeared to get it without a moment to spare.

Trey Songz joins the fight with “Riots 2020: How Many Times” - REVOLT

She might have figured he didn’t see, yet it’s conspicuous he got on to what in particular was going on and unmistakably was incredulous about taking another taste. Investigate the viral video beneath!

Web-based media is discovering the humor in the entirety of this, however had that been Trey Songz emptying a something into a lady’s beverage the situation would become ridiculous. Similar standards certainly apply here!!


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