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Udaariyaan Written Episode Update for October 16th, 2021: Jasmin meets Jasmine

MUMBAI: The episode begins with Tejo reprimanding Jasmin. She expresses regret that she has returned to the academy as your and Fateh’s boss. Fateh arrives and asks if we should begin the puja. I don’t want to do the puja with Jasmin, she says. She walks away. Fateh and Tejo carry out the puja. Gurpreet says that since this is Candy’s first Dussehra, we’ll take him and show him how we burn the Raavan.

Mahi claims that we haven’t gone out in a long time. Amrik laughs as he recalls a childhood memory. Khushbeer says to let Tejo and Fateh return; Tejo is now his boss; it was the investors’ condition. Jasmin appears and observes. Fateh thanks Tejo and says it doesn’t matter if you’re my boss or not; the fact that you’re here is enough. Tejo is Fateh’s wife, according to Biji and Nimmo. They both laugh. Fateh claims that the academy cannot function without you. Tejo says, “I understand, you’re misunderstanding, I didn’t come to support you, but for the investor’s condition, you were in jail, the family was too worried, I feel upset seeing them sad, I just care about the deal that got you released, I did this for the family, I hope Jasmin doesn’t do anything.” Tejo is praised by his family. Jasmin thinks back to Jas and says, “I know how to undo these seven rounds.” Fateh informs me that I require your assistance in this academy.

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Tejo claims that whenever I assisted you, I was injured. But, he says, “I apologised to you.” She wonders if everything will be fine once someone apologises. Few things, he says, are out of our hands. She says you’re correct and that you should leave it alone. He asks if you will assist me in running this academy, knowing that Jasmin is unfamiliar with this work. Jasmin pays a visit to Jas’ home.

She walks in there. Fateh requests Tejo’s assistance because he requires it. Tejo says, “When you are in a problem, you think you will get my support, but not anymore, it is enough, stop using people, stop hurting them, I m a person, not a tissue paper, it was my mistake that I was too good towards you, you always need me, what do you think of me, you think I m mad, you have cheated me and removed me from your life, then you come to say sorry and ask me to help you in running the academy, you She walks away.

Hello…plays… Jasmin examines the door. Jas holds a knife to her throat and tells her, “Don’t act smart, how did you get here?” According to Jasmin, I’ve come to discuss your profit. He claims you disguised yourself in order to catch me. She says it’s an old storey, it was Fateh and Tejo’s plan, but things have changed, and I can help you and exact revenge. He claims you’ll go up against your own sister. She says yes, and I despise her because she ruined my life. He inquires as to why he should assist you. She says, “I took a big risk and came here, move the knife away, I heard that enemy’s enemy is a friend, Tejo is Fateh’s wife now, don’t you want to avenge her?” Tejo’s words come to mind. He lays down the knife.

She selects the knife. He tells you that you can’t go from here, so put it down. She takes back the knife and asks if you want vengeance or not. She presents him with gold bangles. He double-checks. The family attends the Ram Leela on Dussehra. Khushbeer tells Candy about Ram Leela, and Lord Ram kills Raavan, putting an end to the world’s evil. Jasmin observes. Raavan, according to Fateh, was a bad guy who kidnapped Sita. Tejo claims Ram set Sita free. Jasmin wonders where you are Jas, we’ve all arrived. According to Dada ji, we all have Raavan in us; the person who thinks negatively about others is a Raavan. Candy claims that I will also murder Raavan. Jasmin chastises him.

Jasmin believes that everyone is aware of it now. Jas arrives and begins to play the dhol. Everyone applauds as they see the Raavan burn. Jasmin believes Raavan just came into Tejo’s life. Jas glares angrily at Tejo. Jas thinks of Tejo. Jasmin beams.Tejo is taken aback when he sees Jas. Jas abducts her. Fateh searches for her. Jas injures Tejo with a knife.


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