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Varun Dhawan Assembles Oxygen Concentrators In Collaboration With Mission Oxygen India

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Varun Dhawan, Bollywood actor, on the other hand, has offered his assistance to the government to combat the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Varun Dhawan said he was worried about the healthcare system breaking down because of the rising COVID cases, and offered to help provide concentrators.

Varun Dhawan on JNU attack: Can't stay neutral on such issues | Hindi Movie  News - Times of India

Olympic gold medalist Salman Khan has teamed up with Delhi-NCR-based entrepreneur and philanthropist Mission Oxygen to help finance the distribution of hospital-grade oxygen concentrators throughout India.

He said the group of 30 individuals has managed to raise over 21 crores for the procurement of 3900 oxygen concentrators in under a week. “I resonate deeply with their cause and urge everyone to help in whatever capacity possible”, he added. Dhawan also shared a photograph of the first shipment that has reached India, which he said has been deployed at 14 hospitals.

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Varun Dhawan works towards providing oxygen concentrators to hospitals |  Filmfare.com

Dhawan will be seen in the Arunachal Pradesh-based film Bheeda Also he produced his forthcoming movie Jug Jug Jug Jee as well as accompanied his friend, Neetu Kapoor, on the sets. Varun will also appear in Ekkis, which is helmed by Sririan Vijan and is produced by Dinesh Vijan will be in post-production now.


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