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James Oresanya, Owner Of JCCLUB Is Swiftly Becoming Hot Topic Across The Biggest Social Media Platforms

Those who strive harder to accomplish their dreams consistently achieve them anyhow.

Similarly, we met James Oresanya, is a native of Nigeria. He left his home, family, country, and everything to fulfil his dream of becoming the UK’s most prominent fashion designer.
James travelled from his hometown Ketu, Lagos, to England with just nothing except a dream in his pocket.

James is gaining his followers every day, hitting around 50K just in a few weeks through the help of playboy model Rebecca Mcallister.
In his interview, James said that she is not the only one to showcase his brand across the billion-dollar platform, but also influencers are trying to get their hands on James exclusive designs.

Speaking to James about his journey so far, we got to know that James mentioned that “when I came to the UK I never thought it would be popular that fast. I just left my path to fulfil my dreams, and now it has turned out to be a reality. I am thankful to Rebecca and everyone for their love and support.”

To know more about JCCLUB, follow him on Instagram @jamesclothiers.

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