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VSR: Discover The Mysterious Virus That Has Been Affecting Children All Over The World.


Do you know what respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is? Lower respiratory tract infections in infants and children are caused by it. Since March, an increasing number of children and babies with breathing problems have been admitted to US hospitals.

The cases were identified as RSV by the specialists.diseases with the potential to cause new pandemicsIn India, a mysterious disease sends hundreds of people to hospitals.Chapare: A mysterious virus discovered in Bolivia is passed on from person to person.

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Doctors believe that the virus’s unusual behaviour in appearing outside of its usual season (in this case, winter) is an indirect result of the covid pandemic-19. Last year, social isolation prevented its spread, but as a result, many children did not have the chance to develop immunity to it.

When isolation measures were relaxed, the RSV came into contact with a large population of vulnerable infants and children, causing outbreaks at inconvenient times.


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