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Windows 11: Everything We Want From Microsoft’s New Operating System

On Thursday, Microsoft will reveal the next generation of Windows.This is what we want to see.

Windows 11: Everything We Want From Microsoft's New Operating System

It seems as though Windows 11 is occurring. Regardless of previous assurances that Windows 10 would be the final form of the operating framework, Microsoft will reveal what it has been calling “the coming age of Windows” on a virtual occasion on Thursday. Spilled pictures of the new form of Windows flaunt an absolute update, including another Start menu, home screen, and startup sound, and a more current, Mac-like style. 

Outside of the style, CNET editors, including Jason Hiner, Stephen Shankland, Lori Grunin, and myself, have high expectations of what the most recent rendition of Windows could do in terms of execution, usefulness, and different highlights. This is what we’re hoping to find in Windows 11 (or whatever the new form of Windows winds up being called). 

Windows 11: Everything we want from the new Microsoft OS - CNET

One control board rather than two.

A major complaint among Windows 10 clients is the befuddling difference between the Control Panel and the Settings application. A single control panel interface would be a welcome addition to Windows 11.

Computational videography for webcams 

With numerous individuals moving to distant or cross-breed work, the requirement for a strong webcam experience is basic for those Zoom and team calls. The iPhone 12 Pro and the most recent Google Pixel phones now use computational image processing to improve picture quality. We’d love to see this element in Windows 11 for webcams, which could likewise give PCs an edge over the new M1 Macs. 

More Mac-like virtual work areas 

Macs have an incredible feature called Spaces that allows you to effectively create various virtual work areas to keep your screen all the more organized.In Windows, doing so makes a couple of more strides. We’d prefer to see simpler virtual work area creation and more executives in Windows 11. 

Windows 11 with new UX confirmed in a leak, ahead of Microsoft's June 24  announcement | Windows Central

Quit constraining us to utilize Edge 

Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge program is the default for Windows 10. Obviously, you can transform it into your preferred program, similar to Chrome, Firefox, or Brave. Be that as it may, a few clients have announced an issue with Microsoft resetting the default back to Edge. We trust it’s simpler to set and keep defaults in Windows 11. 

Quicker Windows refreshes 

Windows 10 addresses Microsoft’s transition to providing Windows as a service, with continuous updates that are fantastic for keeping machines secure. In any case, these updates can be moderate. In Windows 11, we’d prefer to see a methodology more like Google’s with Chrome OS, where the redesign happens in a subsequent parcel, so it’s done behind the scenes. 

Quicker closure, restart and wake from rest 

Computers running Windows 10 can face more slow closing, restarting and wake-from-rest times, some of the time because of the need to close applications like the Task Manager. We’d prefer to see those alternatives accelerated in the following variant. 

Trackpad with three fingers for quick solutions.

MacOS offers the choice to utilize three fingers on the trackpad to move things. In any case, Windows machines at present make you double tap to do this. 

Windows 11: A Few More Observations - Thurrott.com

Simpler choices switch the parchment headings.

Once more, MacOS makes it simple to invert the bearing of your mouse scroll in the event that you need to use System Preferences. However, in Windows 10, you need to go into the Registry, and it’s a more confusing cycle. 

Basic client account creation 

In Windows 10, you need to sign in to make another client record, and Microsoft suggests that the new record is likewise connected to a Microsoft account. We’d prefer to see simpler client account creation without signing in or being constrained to making or interfacing with a Microsoft account. 

Improve the placement of multiple cameras, webcams, microphones, and headsets.

With the ascent of work from home, more individuals are improving their PC arrangements with numerous webcams, mics and headsets. However, Windows 10 makes it difficult to select the device you need to use, and in some cases, it expects you to disable one of the others.We’d prefer to see better choices for trading between different gadgets in Windows 11. 

What different highlights would you like to find in Windows 11? Sound off in the remarks underneath.

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