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Find Out All About Yung Dub D, The Latest Rap Sensation:

Yung Dub D is a famous modern rapper whose songs are trending all over the social media.  He was born in Dallas Texas and then moved out to Cedar Hill where he went to high school.  Now he lives in Virginia.  Since 2017, he has been in the rap industry and has only been 

He got into the rap industry by involving himself and having a good connection with others around him.  He says that it was also probably because he used to hang out with his “bros” and they used to go to every one’s house and spots and meet everybody. Yung Dub D is a unique name and he came up with it because he is a double of his father who passed away when he was six years old. Even though he was deceased, Yung knew that his father was still with him on his journey. Apart from this, his middle name is Dewon, which further explains his stage name.

Yung Dub D’s latest song ‘Hush’ has been recently released on April 17 on YouTube with an official music video. The song features another great artist Vinnie Bones who has surely made the song more worth listening to. Together, the singers have given all their hard work to compose the perfect rap piece. The song starts with Yung Dub lyrics with smooth light smokey music in the background. In the second half, Vinnie Bones takes the place of Yung Dub and sings his verse. 

One of his most listened songs is Core. The reason it got a hit was due to its highly energetic music beats and rhythmic melody. “When I recorded Core, I actually did not have anything written down at the time. I did have some of the hooks stuck in my head, which were the first two lines. After the second line, I started going with the flow!”, says Yung Dub D.

 He respects all artists but he named three personalities very specifically. He said “My top three musical influences would be Michael Jackson because he is the greatest of all time and very talented. Stevie Wonder because he is a musical genius and his songs express different moods and Lil Wayne because whatever was done, he tries to make a better version and be very competitive.”

Yung Dub D is doing amazing work from the very beginning. He has gained more than 39k followers on Instagram. There is no doubt that he will gain more audience and popularity with his work as there is a whole future ahead of him to become a star.

To know more about Yung Dub, you can follow him on Instagram: @officialyungdubd

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