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9 Los Angeles And Orange County Restaurants Earn Stars In Michelin’s 2021 California Guide

The main course of the Michelin awards season is here. Following the designation of 16 Los Angeles and Orange County restaurants as Bib Gourmands last week, the tyre company has announced that 11 Los Angeles and Orange County restaurants have earned stars in its 2021 California Guide.Some of these establishments have recently received Michelin stars. Others have progressed from one to two stars.

Hayato and Mélisse were both awarded two Michelin stars, joining the four Los Angeles restaurants that already have two stars: n/naka, Providence, Sushi Ginza Onodera, and Vespertine.Seven more restaurants Gucci Osteria, Knife Pleat, Morihoro, Pasjoli, Pasta|Bar, Phenakite, and Sushi I-NABA are among the restaurants in Los Angeles and Orange County that have received one Michelin star. These nine restaurants account for one-third of California’s 27 new Michelin stars.

This time around, no California restaurants received the coveted three-star rating.In addition, three San Diego restaurants (Jeune et Jolie, Soichi, and Sushi Tadokoro) and two Santa Barbara restaurants (Bell’s and Sushi|Bar) received Michelin stars.Northern California, as usual, put on an excellent performance.This year’s Young Chef Award went to Jon Yao, the chef-owner of Kato, which has one Michelin star.

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As expected, the new Michelin-starred restaurants in Southern California focused heavily on French and Japanese cuisine. (We’ll save the discussion about why certain cuisines are consistently deemed worthy of stars and the “haute cuisine” label while others aren’t for another time.) These additions complement the 2019 Michelin Guide California, which returned to the state after a ten-year hiatus.

The 2019 guide added six new two-star restaurants, 18 new one-star restaurants, and two new one-star restaurants in Orange County to the greater Los Angeles area.We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Los Angeles needs the Michelin Guide more than the Michelin Guide needs Los Angeles. Nonetheless, these celebrities are important for businesses in terms of prestige and attracting wealthy patrons. Here are the new Michelin-starred restaurants in Los Angeles and Orange County for 2021, along with inspectors’ notes (we didn’t write this copy).


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