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A man’s Obituary Encourages Betting Heavily On The Huskers.


LINCOLN, Nebraska (AP) — Milton Andrew Munson’s obituary remembered him as an Air Force veteran, pharmacist, husband and father, and Nebraska football fan. One line in the obituary said it all: “In lieu of flowers, please place an irresponsibly large wager on Nebraska beating Iowa.

“Munson, 73, died on November 16. The obituary, written by Munson’s sons, was published Thursday in the Hastings Tribune, according to the Lincoln Journal Star. It went viral on social media and caught the attention of two radio hosts, Josh Peterson of KOZN-AM in Omaha and Jack Mitchell of KLIN-AM in Lincoln.

They decided to put money down and bet on the Huskers to pull off an upset in Friday’s game in Lincoln, but once word got out, listeners and others chipped in, and the total grew to nearly $5,000.”I mentioned it on the air (Monday),” Peterson said.

Obituary Requests 'Irresponsibly Large Wager' Be Placed on Nebraska Game,  People Deliver

“After four or five minutes, we said, ‘Here’s my Venmo if you want to donate.'” It’s gone up in flames.”Todd Munson, a writer in Los Angeles, described his and his brother’s complicated relationship with their father, who struggled with bipolar disorder and addiction. But whenever they talked, it was almost always about the Huskers.

Milton Munson’s passion for the Huskers, as well as his gambling habits, had to be a part of his story, according to Todd’s brother, Troy, a neurosurgeon in Des Moines.

Nebraska quarterback Adrian Martinez is out for Friday’s game, but Husker coach Todd Munson said on Twitter that the Huskers will get help from other sources.”If the ghost of my grandfather can’t will the Huskers to victory on Friday, they’re a lost cause.”


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