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A North Texas Teen With Sickle Cell Disease Raises Awareness In The Hope Of Finding A Cure.


On a baseball field in Grapevine, 14-year-old Reagan Roque doesn’t show up any not quite the same as any of different teenagers running the bases. Be that as it may, within, there’s a sickness he battles to conquer each day. “I can have torment whenever of the day and I can’t focus,” Roque said.Roque was brought into the world with sickle cell sickness, an acquired blood problem that implies his platelets are disfigured, regularly bow molded rather than round.

“It accompanies organ harm and tissue harm and potentially strokes,” he said. “Sickle cell’s truly capricious, so no one can really tell when they will have an erupt or torment emergency.

2020 Harrington Prize awarded for sickle cell disease research – Harvard  Gazette

So they pass up stuff,” Reagan’s mother Jaimee Roque said. For the duration of his life, Reagan has had too much clinic stays. In any case, Jaimee said he pushes through.

“His father and I settled on a truly deliberate choice when he was analyzed that we weren’t going to allow it to sideline him,” she said.

For Reagan’s situation, there’s no treatment or fix accessible. It’s the equivalent for his younger sibling. However, for some different patients, a bone marrow relocate can mean the finish of an illness that unleashes destruction on the body as well as abbreviate a life expectancy.

That is the reason on World Sickle Cell Day, Reagan collaborated with Carter Bloodcare and Be the Match for giver drives during his baseball competition. “I requested that individuals come out and swab their cheeks to check whether they have a similar bone marrow as another person with sickle cell,” Reagan said.

He likewise gladly put an infection most don’t generally see on his chest with an extraordinary shirt intended for his whole group.

“It doesn’t characterize him. Yet, it’s essential for what his identity is, and I’m simply pleased that he’s glad to converse with anyone about sickle cell, mention to them what it is, clarify it,” Jaimee said.

Reagan said he trusts that by spreading mindfulness, there can be an increment in financing to foster more medicines and a remedy for youngsters like him.

Sickle cell infection influences 100,000 Americans. It’s the most well-known acquired blood illness. Most of those individuals are Black.

However Be the Match says that is the most troublesome nationality gathering to coordinate with an enlisted bone marrow contributor.


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