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After A Tense Match On WWE RAW, Charlotte Flair And Nia Jax Are On The Rise.


One of the most sizzling web-based media subjects emerging from the current week’s WWE RAW is the unpleasant match between Nia Jax and RAW Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair.

The match came after Jax was ringside for Shayna Baszler’s prior misfortune to Rhea Ripley. Jax guaranteed that she would take out Ripley and Nikki A.S.H., who was at ringside with Ripley, and afterward do likewise to Flair later in the evening. She did exactly that, yet the ringside assault on Nikki prompted Ripley getting the pin on Baszler.

Jax assaulted Ripley after the match and stood tall. Jax confronted Flair in a non-championship later in the show, and beat her by pinfall after a powerbomb. Many fans tweeted concerning how harsh the match was, with some guessing on if the two Superstars were shooting on one another. WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley likewise tweeted a response to the session.

Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair – Raw Women's Championship Match: Raw, June 22,  2020 - YouTube

“Simply pondering… WTF was up with that #CharlotteVsNia match?,” Foley composed. Jax showed up on RAW Talk with Kevin Patrick and remarked on a potential title shot. “You know what, I’m tired of this,” Jax said. “Indeed, Charlotte is a 12-time champion however I just beat, no I splattered, the RAW Women’s Champion. Guess what? I believe that gets me a title opportunity.”

She proceeded, “obviously I merit it, and yes I will advise you… the fortune is, Nia Jax is the future RAW Women’s Champion.” Patrick then, at that point got some information about the situation with her association with Baszler. “I don’t actually have a clue what’s happening among me and Shayna,” Jax said.

“I don’t have the foggiest idea, all I know is that right presently I’m on a way and I know what I need, and I’m aiming high, and it’s a simple as that.”

There’s no word on if Jax will get a title shot since she’s stuck Flair in a non-championship, however we will keep you refreshed. Stay tuned for additional on Jax and Flair. You can see the connected tweets beneath, alongside film from the match:


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