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AEW Fans Are Loving Max Caster’s WWE and Brie Bella Lines in Rampage Rap Lyrics


Tonight’s AEW Rampage began with Bryan Danielson entering the ring to face The Acclaimed’s Anthony Bowens, and you knew Max Caster would have a killer verse to get things started.

He didn’t disappoint either, as he went all-in on Danielson, taking a shot at his popularity compared to wife Brie Bella’s and Danielson’s former employee, the WWE, specifically Johnny “Ace” Laurinaitis.

Laurinaitis is Bella’s father-in-law, and he was undoubtedly referring to Johnny’s role in informing WWE talent that they had been released.Reactions began to pour in, and while some were critical of the shots, the majority thought they were fantastic, and you can see some of the reactions to the verse starting on the next slide.

“We only do numbers at The Acclaimed, but this guy is too busy growing cucumbers. Don’t be mad at me bro, Cuz you only known for your wife’s reality show.

And you should eat some eggs; Bowen’s arms are larger than your legs.

I’m going to put you in poverty, dawg, because I end careers faster than your father-in-law.”


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