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Ahead Of The Verzuz Battle, Soulja Boy Trolls With The “Bow Wow Challenge.”

verzuz battle

The savaging between Soulja Boy and Bow Wow has been continuing throughout the previous few weeks, and it got so extraordinary that fans and watchers thought they were really beefing.

Nonetheless, the two rappers made it clear they were having a great time in front of their planned Verzuz fight.

Bow Wow proceeded to say, “If it’s not too much trouble, get this unmistakable! Soulja is my brotha forever. We will never in life meat.

This is pointless fooling around. I see fans like awww man here they go…. that is my dawg and that is the reason we can sack on one another the manner in which we do.

You folks have nothing to stress over.” Presently, Soulja Boy has taken to web-based media to comedian Bow Wow some more, this time raising the notorious “Bow Wow Challenge” that became a web sensation years prior.

Versus Battle - Verzuz TV Online

Soulja Boy posted a screen capture of the photographs identified with the test, where Bow Wow showed a personal luxury plane and vehicle in one photograph, noticing that is the thing that he’d be flying on for the afternoon.

In the other photograph, an individual on a similar trip as Bow Wow noticed the rapper was lying, saying, “so this person lil bow wow is on my trip to NY.

However, on Instagram, he posted an image of a personal luxury plane inscribed ‘making a trip to NY today’ smh.” As of yet, Bow Wow hasn’t reactedreacted.

The Verzuz highlighting Soulja Boy and Bow Wow is booked to occur on June 26.


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