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At Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow’s Wedding, Vin Diesel Walks Her Down The Zisle.

Vin Diesel played a significant role in the wedding of late friend Paul Walker’s daughter earlier this month.Meadow Walker, 22, announced her marriage to actor Louis Thornton-Allan on Instagram on Friday, two months after announcing their engagement.

Meadow’s godfather, Diesel, gave the bride away in place of her late father, according to E! News, citing an unnamed source. Paul, Diesel’s “Fast and Furious” co-star, died in a car accident in 2013.Meadow posted a photo of Diesel walking her down the aisle during the ceremony, wearing a light blue suit and sunglasses.The model also shared a black-and-white video of herself and Thornton-beach Allan’s wedding. “We’re married!!!” she wrote in the caption, to which her husband replied, “Yes, we are!!!” The video also revealed that Diesel’s co-star Jordana Brewster was present on Meadow’s wedding day.

The actress was seen hugging the veiled bride.It was unclear when the ceremony took place, but Meadow and Thornton-wedding Allan’s bands could be seen on their ring fingers in a selfie taken on Oct. 11. The event was described as a “very intimate celebration” by the newlywed model. Paloma, her aunt, assisted her with wedding planning and “did an incredible job.” Meadow also stated that they had always known what they wanted and that the celebration was “easy and simple.”According to Meadow, after the ceremony, they gathered for a lovely candlelit dinner and cake cutting. They spent the rest of the evening at the beach party.”We were all dancing in the sand barefoot,” she recalled. “To cap off the night, there was a fantastic display of fireworks, and we lit lanterns into the beautiful night sky.” Meadow announced her engagement to Thornton-Allan on Instagram in August. She posted a video of herself in a pool, showing off her diamond ring before jumping in. According to Vogue, her engagement ring was custom-made by Eduardo Saggese of Eclat Jewels.


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