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Emily Ratajkowski Relaxes During A Photoshoot With Her Baby.

Emily posted an image to Instagram after giving birth on March 8; perhaps to protect the identity of the baby, he only showed it from behind, but the way he carried it enraged his followers and other social network users. Piers Morgan, the controversial British presenter, wrote a review on that occasion because the boy, for how Ratajkowski was holding it, had no head support:

Emily Ratajkowski Just Shared Photos of Her Son's Face for the First Time |  Glamour

“This is not how you hold a baby.” Emily and his millions of followers should not be encouraged to follow in his footsteps. Piers concluded his tweet by saying, “happy to give you some advice if you need it.” But now everything is different; Sylvester and her mother are smiling as they pose for a video and a photo camera. They are both very relaxed and smile all the time. As you can see, it was a cold day, so mom and son are dressed warmly, she in a huge plush jacket noir and the baby in red padding, with a slouchy purple to cover his little head. She also wore an animal print beret to protect her hair, and both of them went for a “explosion of colours” in their outfits.


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