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At WWE SummerSlam, Becky Lynch Makes A Surprise Post-Pregnancy Return.

Becky Lynch

Following 15 months away, Becky Lynch made her unexpected re-visitation of WWE at SummerSlam on Saturday night.

Lynch assumed Sasha Banks’ position in the SmackDown ladies’ title match at SummerSlam and crushed Bianca Belair to win the title.

In a match that endured under 30 seconds, Lynch punched Belair and stuck her in the wake of hitting the Manhandle pummel.

This was Lynch’s first appearance on WWE programming since reporting in May 2020 that she was pregnant with her first kid and would need to take a break from wrestling. Lynch (genuine name Rebecca Quin) and individual WWE star Seth Rollins (Colby Lopez) invited the introduction of their girl Roux last December.

WWE's Becky Lynch Returns at SummerSlam to Win SmackDown Women's Title

Lynch and Rollins got hitched this June. Lynch was additionally seen preparing at the WWE Performance Center that month. Lynch was Raw ladies’ hero before reporting her pregnancy.

Belair versus Banks was promoted for SummerSlam driving up until not long before the match was planned to occur.

Just before Banks should make her passage at the compensation per-see, it was declared she wouldn’t contend. Belair and Banks had both missed WWE’s home shows last end of the week, with it being reported they wouldn’t show up because of “unanticipated conditions.”

Becky Lynch returns at WWE SummerSlam; Squashes top Champion

Belair returned on Friday’s scene of SmackDown, yet Banks wasn’t on the show. WWE prodded that Carmella would supplant Banks in the championship at SummerSlam until Lynch made her return and spread Carmella out. Lynch then moved Belair to confront her all things considered. Lynch is one of WWE’s top stars of this time.

She was essential for the primary ladies’ match to ever headliner WrestleMania in 2019, overcoming Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair.


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