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Biden Applauds The Courage Of US Olympic Athletes

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden applauded U.S. Olympic athletes on Saturday for displaying braveness under stress and uniting the United States of America, a day after inviting them to the White House following the Tokyo games.

The second-largest U.S. Olympic group ever-with 613 athletes-stands second inside the Tokyo medal desk with 108 medals, more than any other country.

Biden Holds Virtual Meeting with US Athletes, Praises Biles' Courage |  Voice of America - English

“It wasn’t simply your athletic potential, it turned into your moral courage… you remind us of what a splendid U.S.A. we are and you are making us look like a rustic,” Biden stated in a video with athletes and their own family contributors on Saturday.

Biden additionally praised individual athletes, including American gymnast Simone Biles, who withdrew from occasions including the person all-round and team all-around, bringing up intellectual fitness worries, but came back to win the bronze medal on beam.

“You showed the whole thing approximately who we are as human beings,” Biden said, praising her for putting an instance and no longer giving up.

President Biden praises Simone Biles, Team USA in virtual call with  Olympians - ABC News

He also praised Isaiah Jewett, who changed into the prime function to complete inside the pinnacle in 800 meters, but was by chance tripped with the aid of Botswana’s Nijel Amos. In a display of sportsmanship, Jewett helped Amos to his feet and the 2 completed the race.

First lady Jill Biden, who traveled to Tokyo to represent the United States and guide U.S. competitors, said the United States needed recovery and the event introduced a lot of joy.

“All the athletes inside the video games introduced Americans collectively and brought us joy once more and for that I am thankful,” she stated.

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