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What’s Wrong With This Photo Of Justin Hailey Bieber With France’s President?


Two totally different universes crashed on Monday when Hailey and Justin Bieber made a trip for a little while in Paris with French President Emmanuel Macron and his better half, Brigitte.

The pair met the president at his Elysee Palace office during the country’s yearly Fête de la Musique, or Music Day.

In a now-popular photograph, the two couples are seen presenting next to each other with constrained grins and smiles for what it’s worth. Hailey is wearing a beige hued pattern dress appearance off her abs with a couple of lower leg tie shoe heels close to Justin, who is wearing a dim pinstripe suit with a white fastened down shirt and a couple of blue Nikes.

Emmanuel, who looks official, if somewhat strange (indeed, strange in his own office with an International pop star and model) presents close to his better half Brigitte, who some say is “serving face.

“In reaction to this profoundly confounding gathering of the personalities, we, individuals from the Internet, have a great deal of inquiries.

For instance: Why were the Biebers visiting the French president in any case? For what reason is the photograph of them so hazy? What might these couples actually be talking about? Also, in conclusion, where is the remainder of Hailey Bieber’s outfit? All things considered, nobody really knows why this photograph was taken, or what this gathering was about.

All we know is that Justin posted the clumsily presented photograph operation with the First Family of France on his Instagram on Monday. He didn’t subtitle the picture, however, leaving everybody with a larger number of inquiries than answers. So the secret remaining parts over how this visit met up in any case, however it’s conceivable the Biebers just chose to sprinkle in some governmental issues to their visit through Paris.

Justin & Hailey Bieber Meet French President Emmanuel Macron

As far as correspondence, the popstar may have had the option to stand his ground with Macron. He is French Canadian, all things considered. But at the same time we’re by all account not the only ones with questions. Numerous others had considerations about this unforeseen get-together, and the closet decisions of those included. “For what reason is Justin Bieber with the French president?” one individual asked on Instagram. “Oui roll,” composed someone else.

“Best friend, what is this quality” thought of one client because of the foggy quality. Others scrutinized Hailey’s outfit, as well: “Hailey: truly?” thought of one individual, with most different remarks having all the earmarks of being in French. While I probably won’t wear Hailey’s look myself, I feel like there isn’t actually a clothing regulation for meeting a president, particularly when you’re an American model and socialite.

In this way, maybe, Hailey is truly setting the bar for all future pop stars and models who intend to meet the Macrons.

Furthermore, maybe Brigitte Macron is setting the bar for how to serve face when meeting a Bieber.


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