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Biden Travels To Florida To Visit Victims Of The Condo Collapse.

Biden Travels To Florida To Visit Victims Of The Condo Collapse.

U.S. President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, planned to visit the Surfside, Florida, site of the deadly condominium collapse on Thursday to offer condolences to the families of the deceased and missing, as the casualty toll had risen.

Biden, whose non-public experience with tragedy has been a hallmark of his political profession, will reprise the function of “consoler-in-leader” even as rescue teams look for sufferers in the rubble of the excessive-upward push, which caved in a week ago as residents slept.

The loss of life toll rose to 18 on Wednesday with the discovery of six more bodies within the ruins of the Champlain Towers South apartment, including the remains of kids, ages 4 and 10, Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava stated. Another 145 people are missing, and it is feared that they are trapped beneath the rubble.

Biden headed to Florida as condo collapse death toll rises | Joe Biden News  | Al Jazeera

Since the early hours of the disaster in the oceanfront city of Surfside, adjacent to the Miami seashore, no one has been pulled alive from the mounds of pulverized concrete, splintered lumber, and twisted metal.

Authorities have held out the desire that more survivors will probably be observed, but prospects have grown dimmer by the hour.

Thursday’s journey marks the second time, due to the fact that Biden has become president, that he has paid a visit to the scene of a catastrophe.

In February, he traveled to Texas after a powerful wintry weather storm left hundreds of thousands without electricity or clean water for days and killed numerous people.

Biden was behind schedule on his visit to Florida to keep away from interrupting the rescue efforts. He had issued an emergency announcement and had offered federal assistance to the countries and local officers in response to the collapse.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency and the United States Army Corps of Engineers have sent teams to assist with search-and-rescue, incident management, and debris removal.FEMA also coordinated with the government and neighborhood officers to open its own family assistance center and offer communications support.

Biden, a Democrat, may appear similar to Florida’s Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis, who is considered a top-tier candidate for Biden’s reelection in three years.DeSantis has risen to electricity in Florida politics and built a logo as a pointy-elbowed partisan warrior, often tough Biden on troubles including the COVID-19 pandemic and immigration.

Florida building collapse: Biden headed to Surfside to grieve with families  | CW39 Houston

Biden decided to apply the visit in an explicit way to the “heroic first responders, seek-and-rescue teams, and every person who has been running tirelessly around the clock,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki stated.

According to Psaki, the president and the primary women will also “meet with households who have been forced to endure this horrible tragedy.”

Biden’s gift for connecting his personal hardships with the grief and affliction of others has ended up being a defining feature of his personality, having continued with the deaths of his first wife, his daughter, and his son, in the course of his years in public life.

The governor and the president spoke on the telephone last week, and afterward, DeSantis praised Biden for his support.

Investigators have yet to determine what caused nearly half of the 40-12 month-old rental complex to collapse in one of the deadliest construction collapses in U.S. history.

But a 2018 file organized by the engineering company Morabito experts beforehand of a building protection recertification process observed structural deficiencies within the 12-floor, 136-unit complex that is now the focal point of the inquiries.

According to the Washington Post, the majority of Surfside Rentals’ board of directors, along with its president, resigned in 2019, partly in frustration over what was visible as a result of the slow response to the file that identified critical structural damage the previous year.

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