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Biden Vehemently Defends The Withdrawal Of Troops From Afghanistan.

The president made his first public remarks since the Taliban took over Kabul over the weekend, acknowledging that the situation had evolved “faster than expected”.

Resolute President Joe Biden said he supported his decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan and readily admitted that his regime, in response to the rapid Taliban takeover and the collapse of the Afghan government, did not foresee how quickly the situation would be resolved. 

In a speech in the East Room of the White House on Monday afternoon, Biden made his first public remarks since the Taliban captured Kabul over the weekend, urging Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to evacuate the country and evacuate the chaotic evacuation of U.S. personnel and allies. The picture shown on Monday showed how desperately loyal the American planes that many Afghans were trying to take off at the airport is. Biden said he was the fourth US president to preside over the war in nearly 20 years and had no regrets about the military cuts in Afghanistan. “Gold stops with me.” The president, as in previous speeches, insisted that not continuing the war for 30 years did not contribute to Afghanistan’s other outcomes by repeating overtime or starting on the ground. 

Biden Forcefully Defends U.S. Withdrawal From Afghanistan - The New York  Times

“Standing right behind my decision. Mr. Biden admitted on Monday, 20 years later, “learned the hard way that there is no good time to withdraw U.S. forces,” and after a few seconds, “this is the fact that it unfolded sooner than expected.” But he also said in a speech, especially when ex-President Donald Trump pointed his finger when he commented on the decision to resign or not: Then, Biden said that “President Trump has inherited the deal he negotiated with the Taliban,” and that his predecessor, Biden, criticized the Afghan government and said the president had no authority over them. After leaving the country, the Taliban had completely collapsed by Sunday because of the presidential occupation of Kabul’s Palace. He argued that the government’s unwillingness to protect the land and its people eventually justified the US leaving the region. 

“In any case, past progress reinforces that it was the right decision now to end US military intervention in Afghanistan,” said Biden. “American forces can not fight or die in a war that Afghan forces are willing to fight on their own, 

Afghanistan A rapid backlash and screams surrounded Biden as turmoil and uncertainty peaks over the weekend. Biden has spent at least half of the week at Camp David this week, the Maryland president’s hideout. President 

There was no event on the original official schedule, increasing pressure to respond to the changing situation in Afghanistan, but until late Monday morning, the White House added an afternoon address. 

Biden spent most of his 30-minute remarks strongly defending his decision, but in Kabul’s elucidated situation, as the United States is trying to keep the airport’s management and evacuate many people, including many particularly vulnerable to the United States and Afghanistan. He used the conclusions of his speeches to deal with interpreting, for example, to help the United States during the war, fearing life in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. 

Biden Forcefully Defends U.S. Withdrawal From Afghanistan - The New York  Times

He said the US is still investing in advocating the ‘basic rights of Afghans. Especially women and girls, who fear that their rights will be largely rolled back under Taliban rule. Biden said there are currently 6,000 troops in the area to support the withdrawal of personnel and allies. But he again denounced the Afghan government, and while the government did not want the “massive escape” to cause a ‘crisis of confidence, some Afghans continued to insist on hope. 

Biden acknowledged the flaws he was getting and made his own. The decision and response to the fallout surrounding the Taliban would be overcome, but he ended up doing it over and over again for several months like he wouldn’t be a business that saddled one in five. 

“I know people will criticize my decision. But I’d rather take all that criticism and hope to take over this decision from another president, “Biden said.

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