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Claire, A Scottish Deerhound, Has Won The National Dog Show For The Second Year In A Row.


Claire, a four-year-old Scottish deerhound, has won best in show at the National Dog Show for the second time in two years. The long-legged black and dark-gray hound stuck her nose in the camera and smiled broadly before trotting over to her handler, Angela Lloyd, to pick up her ribbon.
It’s the first time a dog has won twice in a row in 20 years. Claire was “more confident in herself” this year, according to Lloyd.

According to the American Kennel Club, the Scottish deerhound is one of the tallest dog breeds, with a large male standing 32 inches at the shoulder and weighing more than 100 pounds. The breed was bred to track giant wild red deer and has superior hunting ability. To “fully appreciate the majesty of this ancient beast,” the AKC recommends viewing the Scottish deerhound from a distance.

Winter the English bulldog, MM the Lakeland terrier, Sasha the Pyrenean shepherd, Chester the Affenpinscher, Jade the German shorthaired pointer, and Mo’Ne the Kuvasz, a working dog, were among the other finalists.

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This year’s show featured 196 AKC-recognized dog breeds and varieties. This includes the show’s newest recognised breed, the Biewer Terrier, which NBC describes as “an elegant and athletic toy terrier whose only purpose in life is to love and be loved.” Rumor, a 19-month-old female Biewer Terrier with a blue sparkly bow, appeared.

Normally, more than 2,000 dogs compete in the event, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, the number was reduced by about 70% last year. Last year’s competition was held without spectators, but this year fully vaccinated spectators were permitted.


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