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Corbin Bleu And Monique Coleman 0f ‘High School Musical’ Speak With Each Other About Their On-Screen Reunion

Corbin Bleu

Thirteen years after finishing High School Musical 3, the actors swap musicals for mistletoe in Lifetime’s holiday film, A Christmas Dance Reunion. To commemorate the occasion, Bleu and Coleman sat down for a special interview with ET, where they gushed about working together again, their careers, and their hopes for a High School Musical reunion.”I obviously knew I’d love hanging out with you, in the work sense of just saying, ‘Oh yay, we’re going to be on set together,'” Coleman explained.

“But I didn’t think about what it would be like to work with you again, as an artist, and that was really exciting to me.”Blue then added, “That’s fantastic. It’s amusing. I’ll tell you what, I wasn’t surprised.

For me, it’s the same thing. It was just that I felt reassured and at ease knowing that what I expected would happen was exactly what happened.”Coleman stars as successful attorney Lucy Mortimer, who returns to the Winterleigh Resort to help celebrate the hotel’s final Christmas season. She is reunited with the owner’s nephew and her childhood Christmas Dance partner, Barrett Brewster, once she arrives (Bleu).

As the resort struggles, the two bring back the popular Christmas Dance event in the hopes of saving the business.”Dancing was such a big part of this movie,” Coleman, 41, said. “But you’re just out here on Broadway doing the splits, kicks, and tapping… I was worried that I’d be intimidated… and I was! I was like, I just want to make sure I’m able to keep up and that my 39-year-old knees aren’t going to betray the story. I’ve always admired how incredible of a performer you are and how you give your all every time.” “Not even,” Blue replied, smiling.

“First and foremost, I admire you for saying that. Thank you very much. But, funny enough, what you’re saying right now reminds me of our High School Musical days… We had to jump in the pool at the end of the second movie, and I had to be the one to jump in with you and hold your hand, knowing everything would be fine. We’re going to be fantastic. It’s the same mentality, whatever your fear was, it’s going to be great.

“While the two play love interests, the 32-year-old actor’s wife, Sasha Clements, appears in the film but is not romantically linked to him. The experience, on the other hand, was beyond magical.”It was a one-of-a-kind set and a one-of-a-kind film. Not only will you and I be working together onscreen again, but Sasha will also be on set. With all three of us, those dynamics made any time the three of us were on set together surreal, special, magical, and exciting “He screamed. “I was completely engulfed in love. And I have to say, I’m extremely fortunate.

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“It wasn’t awkward for Bleu that his real-life lady wasn’t his on-screen romantic counterpart, he said. “The reason it works so well is because Sasha and I have such a strong relationship.”

“You have the two of us playing onscreen lovers, and we both know that no one is more excited about that relationship, that onscreen chemistry, than Sasha. She’s always the one, just like her character in the movie, who advocates for us to get together “He divulged. “Off camera, she’s the same way. I’m just so lucky to have a wife who not only supports and encourages what I do but also allows me to do it with her.”Coleman and Bleu’s ability to co-star in a film together is even more special for the two because they discussed why BIPOC representation onscreen is so important.

“It is critical to have a continuous onscreen couple of colors. “You don’t see a lot of BICOP couples who stick together,” the actor explained, with Coleman adding, “That’s very true.” Because you have Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, Leo DiCaprio, and Kate Winslet. So many couples who have done [many movies together]… Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, they’ve done like four movies together or something.

And you’re absolutely correct. This is very unique…and a wonderful opportunity to dismantle that stereotype or the idea that we are all the same. And I’m excited, as I’m sure you are, for the fans to really get to experience us in this iteration.”

“I know they see Chad and Taylor,” Coleman said of their HSM personalities. “However, I’m hoping Lucy and Barrett win their hearts.

“Meanwhile, after nearly two decades of friendship, Coleman and Bleu weren’t afraid to be open about their ups and downs in the industry, as well as what they wish they had known when they first started out. Coleman explained how going bankrupt and going through financial difficulties helped her educate others on how to avoid making similar mistakes.”From an artistic standpoint, I believe I was always on the right track.

But I think it’s more from a business standpoint, even if it’s just knowing how to manage everything and trusting other people. That’s where I believe the issues arose “She elaborated before discussing what she would tell her younger self. “Don’t take yourself too seriously, but do take your business very seriously. Don’t be so gullible.””Unlike you, I went bankrupt. That is correct. But it was for noble reasons. But after High School Musical, I founded a nonprofit and became the first-ever United Nations Youth Champion, funding a global trip around the world to meet young people and learn about their experiences and challenges. And that is very selfless.

That is truly noble, and I have no regrets about it “Coleman went on. “However, it also caused me to fall into a very difficult financial situation. But that didn’t have to happen if I had known how to make money because I never did anything wrong. It’s just that I didn’t do everything correctly. That is something I wish I had known. And it’s something I’m very passionate about telling other young people.”Of course, the two couldn’t help but reminisce about their HSM days, and even discuss whether they’d ever be up for another film.” Taylor is one of my favourite people, and I feel like I learned a lot from her.

I can’t imagine what that story would be like, but it’s not impossible. “You never know,” Coleman joked before asking, “How about you?”””I’m in the same boat as you. Obviously, when it comes to all of us in the cast’s relationships, we’ve been through a lot “Bleu responded. “We had such a life-changing time together that obviously created these very strong root relationships that every time I see anyone, it’s just a lovefest. So the opportunity to work together again would be fantastic.”

While the future of rebooting or reimagining the beloved franchise is unknown, Coleman did have an idea for how to commemorate the original film’s 20th anniversary in 2026, which Bleu called “brilliant.

” She elaborated, “A live performance at the Hollywood Bowl. A one-night-only event… Kenny Ortega directing live with an orchestra and the rest of us just with a microphone, scripts, and the goal of bringing all three films together in some one-night-only way. People would fly from all over the world to be a part of something like this, in my opinion. And that is something interesting that I would like to do and see.””So whoever wants to call us!” Coleman laughed.

High School Musical' Stars Corbin Bleu and Monique Coleman Reunite in  Lifetime Movie 'A Christmas Dance Reunion'

More from the dynamic duo can be found in the video above, including the never-before-told story of how Coleman earned the nickname “Moprah.”


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