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COVID-19 And Dysfunction Of The Erectile System

COVID and erectile dysfunction

COVID and erectile dysfunction

In patients that had long recovered from this disease a team of investigators found traces of COVID-19 in the tissue of penises. The scientists from Medicine’s Miami Miller School said that six to eight months after COVID-19, the presence of the virus in men’s endothelial tissue may lead to erectile dysfunction or ed.

Erectile Dysfunction and Impotence | ANOVA IRM Germany

The researchers say that “endothelial dysfunction is a condition that the lining of small blood vessels does not perform all its functions normally,” according to the Medical Daily. The tissues are damaged as a result.

“The first study to show a COVID-19 virus in the penis after the initial infection in humans was long after the first,” wrote the authors of the study in a news release. “Our results also show that widespread COVID-19 infection endothelial cell dysfunction can contribute to ED.”

Their findings have been published in the World Journal of Men’s Health and confirmed an earlier study this year which found men who had COVID 19 six times as well as men not infected with the virus were capable of developing erectile dysfunction.
An Italian university minister, known as a “mask up to maintain it,” found that ED can be a short-term long-term COVID-19 complication.

In a separate study, doctors at the University of Rome found that 28% of men with average age 33 who had COVID-19 said they had ERD.

Only 9 percent of the 100 men surveyed who have not reported problems with COVID-19 report sexual function, according to the Daily Mail. The researchers said ED probably results from an inflammation caused by the virus that restricts the genital vessels of the blood. The blood flow is blocked and sexual response is impeded.

The virus responsible for the disease links to ACE2 receptors in the body as another reason why men are ED from COVID-19. That’s how our cells are entered.

Dr. Channa Jayasena, a consultant in reproductive endocrinology and andrology at Hammersmith and St. Mary hospitals in London said, “One of the disastrous ways the virus gets into the body is by its spiking protein link to a receptor found at quite high concentrations not only in the lungs but also in reproductive bodies. ‘They can no longer perform their normal function when COVID-19 binds to these receptors.’

How Do I Know If I Have Erectile Dysfunction?

ACE2 receptors are abundantly found in the tests according to the Daily Mail. Dr. Jayasena suggested that the levels of COVID-19 in infected men may also be lowered. While sexual problems can occur, lower T levels also affect overall health.

Researchers at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine found that, according to the study published at the World Journy of Men’s Health, some men with COVID-19 had “impaired spermatogenesis” or sperm production.

The New York Post reports that scientists examined the tissues of six men who died of COVID-19 and found that the virus remained in their testes. According to the New York Post. More investigation revealed that men who had COVID-19 and tested the virus had the disease still in the tests.

“So, after having COVID-19 the patient had been tested negatively and asymptomatic but the virus was still in the testing. The results are new, remarkable and definitely worth further exploration,” according to the newsletter, Dr. Dr. Ranjith Ramasamy, a urologist and an author of the study. “I am quite sure that around 20% to 30% of men will have some type of fertility affected in their future, just like moms.”


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