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Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott Is Pleased That Julius Jones’ Sentence Has Been Reduced: ‘We’re All Extremely Grateful.’


FRISCO, Texas (AP) — Dak Prescott, the Cowboys’ quarterback, first learned about Julius Jones in late spring 2020.That April, Prescott’s brother, Jace, committed suicide. He was attempting to forge a path forward in order to “find himself” and assist someone.”I felt like I didn’t help or couldn’t help my brother,” Prescott said on Thursday. “I wanted to assist someone else in saving their life.

” That’s when it hit me hard.” Prescott wrote a letter to Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt in the summer of 2020, pleading for clemency on behalf of Jones, who was then on death row.Stitt granted clemency and commuted Jones’ sentence to life in prison without the possibility of parole on Thursday, just hours before his execution.”First and foremost, I’m grateful to the governor for granting his clemency,” Prescott said Thursday from Cowboys headquarters shortly after practise.

“Many prayers have been said. I know there are a lot of people who support Julius and the governor’s decision.” According to a copy obtained by TIME, Prescott sent a letter to the governor’s office and the parole board on August 6, 2020. Prescott stated that he was writing to express his “unconditional support” for Jones’ commutation. Even as the Cowboys’ high-profile quarterback, he faced racial prejudice, and he pleaded with Oklahoma officials: “You all are in the unique position of being able to make a direct impact by addressing a specific miscarriage of justice.” “My hope is that he is able to salvage what is left of his life and that he will be reunited with his family soon as a result of a decades-old wrong.

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“When Jones’ death sentence was commuted but his life sentence was not, Prescott stated that he hopes to continue assisting Jones and that he wants officials to re-examine Jones’ case.”Obviously, all of the holes and unfair trial that he received,” Prescott said. “Perhaps we can get him a fair trial and bring all the evidence and facts proving his innocence.”

“I wanted to gather all of the evidence and information that I could to ensure that I was putting my mind in the right place and putting my foot forward where I believed,” Prescott explained. “And, yes, I genuinely do.”We’re all very grateful that (Stitt) did not kill an innocent man.”


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