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Do You Want Your Songs To Be Trending Like Phil Miller?

Know how Phil Miller became successful in the music industry:

The new artist whose songs are now trending all over social media is Phil Miller. He is entertaining the people and inspiring new artists for almost 2 decades now.

Phil Miller’s latest song “Beautiful” was just released on May 28th, 2021.

On being asked about his greatest influence, he told us about his brother Charles. When they were children, they would take part in fewer shenanigans and more musicality. Phil was into playing the guitar and Charles would play the drums and sing a little. As they grew old, their hobby turned into a passion and this passion turned into a career. Phil told us that when Charles was 19 years old, he took up learning the guitar as well. When Charles started playing in school bands, Phil was still young, but even then, he knew that this was exactly what he wanted to do for so long. Their grandparents also wanted to see them perform up on stage. 

He says that they have come a long way from then, but still there is a long journey ahead.

Phil Miller told us about some of his biggest moments that have been working with great Nashville producers such as Brandon Hartt, Cole Johnson and Garrison Burgess. He says it’s all ” Wonderful people and wonderful memories”.

Know how Phil Miller became successful in the music industry:

When he was asked to talk about discography, he said that it has been quite some time, but he has got something of an elephant’s memory. When he was around 17, from that time he has been doing gigs and releasing singles for a long time. It was in 2018, that his first EP “Jamaican Sun” hit big, becoming a chart-topper almost instantly. Since then, everything became large scale. The production process was still the same, just that its results were more rewarding. After that, he released many singles, “One Horse Town” being the most popular and recent.

Phil Miller was born to make music, and that is what he is doing and earning the respect of people through the art he creates with his songs. He makes them fall in love with the songs. When he was 14, he couldn’t even play and sing together. But he practised every day and now he is here today. With all his highs and lows, hard work, he has created a big name for himself in this industry. He advises all the artists to stay positive and passionate about themselves and their hobbies and to be motivated even in the face of struggle.

To know more about Phil Miller, you can follow him on Instagram: @philmillmusic.

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