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Drake Stuns Fans During Travis Scott’s Performance On The First Night Of The Astroworld Festival.


HOUSTON, Texas — Tens of thousands of people packed the Astroworld Festival on Friday night, where organiser Travis Scott was joined on stage by Drake.The majority of those in the crowd had been there all day.”I’ve been listening to Travis since I was 17,” said Andrew Espinoza, a festivalgoer. “He didn’t even have a mixtape out.”After driving here from California, Espinoza blasted Scott’s music into Houston last night.”It was also a rager,” he added. “It was just Travis the whole time.”

I arrived and slept for a short time. We’re prepared to do this for two days.” Two full days of music. Riding for two days. Two days of fun and games. Houston’s native son will be honoured for two days.First-timer Arlene Avalos spent the majority of Friday taking in everything the Astroworld Festival had to offer.”It’s insane, and I love it,” she exclaimed.Arlene was one of the early birds who ventured from the blue lot at NRG Park, across the pedestrian bridge over Kirby, and through the gates.

Travis Scott's Astroworld: At Least 8 Dead After Crowd Surge

Crowds pour into the festival.As the festival’s crowds grew, things became tense. A Twitter user captured this video of people stepping on each other as they entered the building. Scharell Aho and Dillon Rowell drew a larger crowd when they arrived.”It took us a long time to get in here,” they admitted. “Things have been a little hectic.”But once they were in, they promised to make it “legendary.”

The atmosphere at Astroworld is best described as legendary.
There will be no waiting for the next act.Astroworld has more than 30 rides and carnival games this year.”We’ve got some prizes for you, man. “Excellent carnival games,” said Matthew Martinez, who is attending the Astroworld Festival for the third time. “I’m going to show you right now.” Pillow for the eyes Cacti. Blanket. Then a tote bag to hold your goodies.”


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