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Marilia Mendonca, A Brazilian Singer And Latin Grammy Winner, Died In A Plane Crash When She Was 26 Years Old.

Marilia Mendonca

Marlia Mendonça, a Latin Grammy winner and one of Brazil’s most popular singers, died Friday in an aeroplane crash on her way to a concert. She was 26 years old.Mendonça’s press office confirmed her death in a statement, along with the deaths of four other passengers on the flight. Their plane went down between Mendonça’s hometown of Goiania and Caratinga, a small town in Minas Gerais state north of Rio de Janeiro.

The civil police of Minas Gerais state also confirmed Mendonça’s death, but did not provide any details about the cause of the accident, which occurred shortly before arrival. Photographs and videos show the plane lying just beneath a waterfall; Mendonça had posted a video this afternoon showing her approaching the plane, guitar case in hand. The rising star performed sertanejo, a type of country music popular in Brazil. She was well-known for addressing feminist issues in her songs, such as condemning men who abuse their partners and advocating for female empowerment.

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On Friday evening, the news sparked a social media outpouring of grief from all over Brazil, including fans, politicians, musicians, and soccer players. She has 38 million followers on Instagram.”I refuse to believe, I simply refuse,” Mendonça’s friend, Brazilian soccer star Neymar, said on Twitter after the news broke.

Brazil's Latin superstar Marília Mendonça is dead – Eueditorial

The Brazilian government also expressed its condolences.Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro also took to social media to express his condolences for the death of “one of the greatest artists of her generation.””The entire country is in disbelief,” he said.Her album Em Todos os Cantos was nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2019 for best sertanejo album.

This year, she was nominated for the same award for her album Patroas.Mendonça was also well-known for her romantic songs, which frequently lamented the loss of loved ones.”You always make me cry, you’re one-of-a-kind and eternal,” tweeted fan Michelle Wisla.Mendonça is survived by a son, who will turn two years old next month.


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