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Dylan Arnold, A YOU Star, Appeared In A Film Based On A Harry Styles Fan Fiction.


In Season 3 of Netflix’s hit thriller series YOU, Joe and Love relocate to the sunny Northern California town of Madre Linda, where they meet a whole new cast of characters. Unsurprisingly, the serial killer couple struggles to adjust to suburban life’s suffocating nature and new parenthood, as well as Madre Linda’s nosy, fake-friendly neighbours. Theo, a college student with a “strained and complicated relationship with his stepfather,” is one of the Madre Linda residents. Dylan Arnold, a 27-year-old Seattle-born actor with a diverse acting resume who graduated from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, plays the character. Arnold’s first notable project was a small role in the critically acclaimed Netflix film Mudbound in 2017.

The following year, he appeared as Twig Wysecki, a friend of pop star Jonah Ford, in Season 6 of the nighttime soap Nashville. Arnold made his breakthrough in the 2019 film After, a romance film loosely based on popular Harry Styles fan fiction. Arnold portrayed Noah, who is quickly dumped by his high school girlfriend after she leaves for college and meets the mysterious bad boy Hardin (the Harry Styles type). Arnold returned to the film’s sequel, After We Collided, in 2020. In recent years, he has also appeared as a guest star on television shows such as S.W.A.T. and The Purge.

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Arnold will reprise his role as Cameron Elam in Halloween Kills, the 2021 sequel to the 2018 slasher film Halloween, which is the 12th film in the long-running popular horror franchise, in addition to his role in YOU this year.

He hasn’t posted on Instagram since December 2020, so he’s not very active there. However, among his 90+ posts are artsy black-and-white photos and polaroids, professional headshots, and pictures of him having fun in Los Angeles. He appears to have a close relationship with fellow actors Dylan McTee (Sweet Vicious; Roswell, New Mexico) and Zak Steiner (Euphoria, The Perfect Date), as well as his brother, father, and mother, the latter of whom is a children’s video game designer and author who most recently released the book Hello There, I’m Coming Home in 2019.

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“Mother’s Day greetings to the *bestest* mom/role model I could ask for.” “I adore you!” Arnold wrote a heartfelt letter to his mother in a 2019 Instagram post.


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