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Everything You Need to Know About Call My Agent: Bollywood Season 2


Call My Agent: Bollywood, an Indian adaptation of the popular French show Call My Agent!, will premiere on Netflix on October 29.

(Dix pour cent in French). In fact, the show is one of several adaptations of the French series that are currently in the works, including productions in Turkey and the United Kingdom. Call My Agent: Bollywood’s characters and storylines aren’t identical to the original show’s, but the six-episode adaptation begins with a similar premise. Following the unexpected death of their talent agency’s head, four “savvy, street smart talent agents” battle to keep the agency afloat while juggling the egos of their famous clients and their own personal lives.

Netflix's 'Call My Agent' delves into the lives of 4 Bollywood talent agents

“This project has been close to my heart since the very beginning,” director Shaad Ali said of Call My Agent: Bollywood, according to The Tribune India. “It was a huge responsibility to be mindful of the original screenplay, which had been so successful, while also putting my own stamp on the adaptation.” From the casting to the cameos, every aspect of this show has been meticulously planned.”Though Netflix has yet to confirm whether Call My Agent: Bollywood will return for a second season, there’s reason to believe it will: the original French series has run for four seasons and was renewed for a fifth season and a movie earlier this year. Here’s what we know so far about a possible Season 2.


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