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In A New Video, Lizzo And Cardi B Are Goddesses Slaying ‘Rumors.’

Lizzo And Cardi B

Lizzo dispatches a pristine time with her new “Bits of hearsay” video. Labelmate Cardi B, who flawlessly shakes her child knock, joins Lizzo on the melody and video, where the two of them mockingly sing that “every one of the tales are valid” while destroying the tattle.

In a live video visit highlighting the two associates that transferred before the video was delivered, Lizzo said she composed the melody back in February.

The pair kidded around about the reports that encompass them in a humorously ASMR-styled murmured and devious discussion. In the Tanu Muino-coordinated clasp, the pair show up as goddesses decorated in brilliant clothing swaggering their stuff as fine art gets enlivened on the cutting edge set.

This is Lizzo’s first authority single since 2019, when she delivered her acclaimed significant mark debut Cuz I Love You.

Lizzo ties Hustlers costar Cardi B's Billboard Hot 100 record | EW.com

The collection, the third in her discography, highlighted the single “Juice” and later incorporated the sleeper hits “Truth Hurts” and “Great As Hell,” initially delivered in 2017 and 2016 separately.

The two tunes wound up coincidentally ascending to the highest rated spot in 2019, later prompting a stash of Grammy selections for the Texas-conceived star.Lizzo has been prodding new music since last year, facilitating Instagram Lives from the at-home studio she was working from during the pandemic.

All the more as of late, she uncovered that she’s been working with maker Mark Ronson.


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