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On Twitter, Users Are Using The Hashtag #LUCAS OUT To Demand That Lucas Quit NCT And WayV.


As of August 28, two extra netizens have approached expressing that they were engaged with associations with the NCT and WayV part Lucas.

The fifth netizen, ‘D’, shouted out on August 28 in the wake of finding a post made by netizen ‘F’ (the fourth netizen). Then again, ‘F’ asserted that they met Lucas as his riding mentor in China. Thereafter, they traded data, and started seeing one another.

As “proof”, ‘F’ transferred a video cut and a sound recording that Lucas sent her. Then, at that point, ‘D’, who ran over ‘F’s video and sound recording, then, at that point approached to express that Lucas had sent her precisely the same video and recording around the same time.

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The fifth netizen and ex, ‘D’, additionally raised allegations that Lucas supposedly “deserted” a cat which was initially implied as a “gift” for ‘D’. Nonetheless, it is presently hazy if the little cat was expected for ‘D’, as ‘D’ just reacted that “Another part is dealing with the cat in light of the fact that [Lucas] didn’t bring [it] to Korea.” Moreover, ‘D’ told fans, “He has more sweethearts. Not every one of them are approaching since they would prefer not to manage the results.

On the off chance that he didn’t go too far, I would have regarded essentially his pride. Try not to fault me for fanning the fire. In the end [he’s] the person who needs to assume liability.”

At last, ‘D’ then answered to a fan, “He revealed to me just yesterday that he ‘adored me most’. Assuming you don’t trust me, ask your ‘oppa’ yourself.”


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