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In The ‘SNL’ Cold Open, Jason Sudeikis Reprises His Role As ‘2013 Biden.’


In the “Saturday Night Live” cold open, Jason Sudeikis reprised his role as Vice President Joe Biden alongside James Austin Johnson’s President Joe Biden.

President Biden bemoaned the “ice cold Psaki bomb” that his recent CNN town hall received very low viewership, despite the fact that his approval rating was significantly lower. “I’m not sure,” he admitted. “I used to be popular. The press would refer to me as ‘Uncle Joe.’ I long for the old me. “What the hell happened to that guy?”That’s when Sudeikis’ Vice President Biden from 2013 showed up, with Sudeikis having played Biden on the show before leaving in 2013. He described his position as the “easiest job in the world.” We’re like America’s eccentric neighbour. Just show up with an ice cream cone, some aviator sunglasses, and some finger guns. Shake a few hands and rub a few shoulders.” “Well, you can’t do that any longer,” President Biden explained. When the Vice President asked which was better, rubbing shoulders or shaking hands, the President replied, “Both.”During his opening monologue, Sudeikis discussed his success since leaving the NBC sketch show eight years ago, specifically his hit Apple TV series “Ted Lasso.” “It became a hit,” he explained.

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“Which is surprising given that it’s based on two things Americans despise: soccer and kindness.”Things took a more poignant turn when Sudeikis reminded the audience of the incredible history made on the “SNL” stage, naming several famous sketches, comedy icons, and musical superstars who have all graced the halls of Studio 8H. He went on to say that the show had a two-fold impact on his life: “once as a cast member and once as a kid watching at home.”

“There’s a good chance that if you’re watching tonight, something from this place changed your life as well,” he continued. “”And I’ll tell you something else. If this is your first time watching the show, I’m afraid it won’t change your life. But we’ve got a fantastic show!”Other sketches included Sudeikis as a science teacher in an educational video attempting to explain gravity to two students who were completely incapable of learning, as well as a taped segment about a new daytime talk show for men starring Sudeikis as “Mellen.” He then portrayed Ricky, a Daddy Warbucks employee from “Annie” who reveals during a musical number that he provides human meat to Daddy Warbucks and several of his wealthy friends. Later in the film, he reprised his role as a teacher, this time as an elementary school teacher who becomes acquainted with his student’s mother (Ego Nwodim) during a parent-teacher conference.

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Sudeikis then appeared as The Devil on the “Weekend Update” desk, commenting on how he intends to make the next few years as bad as the last few. “I’ve been trying to make things here feel more like where I’m from,” he explained. “Have you been to Florida? That’s not so dissimilar to hell. It’s before hell… “I beta test a lot of my ideas in Florida.”Kenan Thompson was a standout for the night once again with a new rendition of “What’s Up With That?” featuring Oscar Isaac, Emily Ratajkowski, and Nicholas Braun.Sudeikis was joined on stage by musical guest Brandi Carlile, who performed “Broken Horses” first, followed by “Right on Time” later in the show.


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