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Jamie Lee Curtis Responds To Will Smith’s ‘Dad Bod’ Post With A Reminder Of Achievable Self-Acceptance Goal

Jamie lee kurtis and Will Smith

Jamie Lee Curtis shared the motivational feedback of Will Smith on his father’s social media. Inspired by the bravery of the actor in proudly displaying the untoned belly of ‘The Pursuit of Happiness,’ the actress of ‘Halloween’ reinforced his positive message by reminding people of their goals for realistic acceptance.

Jamie Lee Curtis gets inspired by Will Smith, talks about self-acceptance  on Instagram

In an Instagram post since deleted, the double Golden Globe winner shared an unmodified photo of herself from an old More magazine photo shoot side by side with the t-shirt-less image of the 52-year-old actor. In support of this picture, she noted a long title with which she began, “Acceptance of how things are is the first step towards change.

The “Freaky Friday” actress went on to explain, “My old MORE storey @ more was both a testament to how things worked for me and a way to show the advertising and airbrushing artifice in magazines, but also an opportunity to look in the mirror and change it.” Then she said, “None of us ought to be unhealthy. We’ve all fallen into bad habits.”

“GOAL is self-accommodation, self-love. Real, achievable acceptance of oneself. We say ‘Compare and despair’ in recovery. ‘Nothing changes except that something changes,” quoted the 62-year-old saying she has been recovering from her drug and alcohol addiction. “Many people don’t have the luxury of time and money to concentrate on their training. It should mostly be a start to the discussion.”

Jamie Lee Curtis Responds to Will Smith's Dad Bod Posts | PEOPLE.com

Near the end of her message, Jamie shared, “Happy to be a part of an ongoing conversation and sell my four word self help book here! EAT LESS (BETTER), MOVE MORE!” She additionally tagged Will and included a hashtag that read “eat less move more.”

Jamie Lee message about body positivity came shortly after Will had offered his Instagram post-pandemic body a look. On Monday 3 May “Aladdin” showed him in black shorts, slippers and untipped hoodie. The actor released a clip of him. He wrote, ‘I’ll be real wit yall, I’m in the worst shape of my life,’ in the title of the post.


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