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KJ Thompson, A Cystic Fibrosis Fighter, Has Been Honoured.


Following 20 years of carrying on with life as a persuasive “cystic fibrosis fighter” Penrith’s Keir-Jake ‘KJ’ Thompson has passed on.

For the duration of KJ’s life he battled the sickness happily and his solidarity and capacity to take everything in his step roused all who met him.

His mom, Paula Thompson, said messages the family have gotten following KJ’s passing have been “awe-inspiring” with individuals saying the amount he helped them during their period of scarcity ­—demonstration of the merciful and caring individual he was.

Brought into the world on January 4, 2001, KJ is made due by sisters Amy-Ann, Deza and niece Arabella, alongside his granddad John who for quite a long time ran Thompson’s Garage in Penrith.

Weeks after KJ was conceived, the principal mumble of foot and mouth episode hit Britain, and fires were lit, blowing smoke all through Eden.

As his family inhabited Stainton, the smoke was reprimanded for his breathing challenges.

Notwithstanding, after seven months, he was determined to have cystic fibrosis at the Cumberland Infirmary kids’ ward.

Quite a bit of KJ’s adolescence was spent in emergency clinic, going to the youngsters’ ward at regular intervals for as long as three weeks for anti-infection agents.

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However, his unending energy lifted other youngsters’ spirits in the ward and he shaped solid bonds with his “clinic family”.

In 2011, he was assigned for the Pride of Cumbria Child of Courage Award and matured 10 the Stainton Primary School understudy got his honor.

In 2013 KJ was determined to have lung disappointment and given two years to live. He opposed this by enduring an additional year and afterward got the endowment of a twofold lung relocate in May, 2016.

His list of must-dos wish of a helicopter ride materialized as an air rescue vehicle took him to the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle, for his activity.

In obvious KJ style, he bobbed back from the transfer and just seven days after the segregation stage was finished, he got back to Ullswater Community College with his companions.

Numerous chances came to KJ during his life, the Starlight Charity organized a race track experience where he went in a Lamborghini and an Aerial Atom around the track.

He was joined by Nigel Percival who might take KJ with him when he drove the NBM transport in Penrith when KJ’s grandma Valda was an escort for the school and Edington Center


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