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Ricky Martin Claims He Felt “Violated” During His 2000 Interview With Barbara Walters.

Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin scandalous meeting with Barbara Walters affected him in a more profound manner than he’s always conceded.

Back in 2000, the vocalist was forcefully examined by Barbara concerning his sexuality as she requested that he address the bits of hearsay that he was gay.

At that point, Ricky was dating TV moderator Rebecca de Alba however now concedes he was confounded about his sexuality

“‘Am I gay? Am I sexually unbiased? Am I befuddled? What am I?’ Sexuality is something muddled. It’s not high contrast. It’s loaded up with colors,” Ricky clarified in another meeting with People.

At the point when Barbara raised the subject with a torrent of inquiries and pushed him to address the bits of hearsay, Ricky says he felt “disregarded.”

“At the point when she dropped the inquiry, I felt abused on the grounds that I was simply not prepared to come out. I was exceptionally apprehensive. There’s a little PTSD with that,” he conceded.

Rather than responding to her inquiries, Ricky essentially disclosed to her he felt sexuality is something people should “manage in their own particular manner,” and he “didn’t want to address” the bits of hearsay.

Thinking back on if there was something he’d would have done another way, Ricky says he may have thought about returning out at that point

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“Indeed, perhaps I would have turned out around there. It would’ve been extraordinary in light of the fact that when I came out, it just felt stunning. With regards to my sexuality, with regards to who I am, I need to discuss what I’m made of, about all that I am. Since, in such a case that you shroud it, it’s a desperate circumstance,” Ricky said.

Barbara has since apologized for how she tended to Ricky, naming it as one of her greatest profession laments.

“In 2000, I pushed Ricky Martin extremely difficult to concede on the off chance that he was gay or not, and the manner in which he wouldn’t do it caused everybody to conclude that he was. A many individuals say that annihilated his vocation, and when I recall it now, I feel it was an unseemly inquiry,” Barbara told the Toronto Star.


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