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Kundali Bhagya, September 18th, 2021, Written Update: Rishab Makes His Way Back To The Luthra Mansion.


MUMBAI: Mr Harshvardhan is sitting in the room with a glass of wine, recalling how he tried to convince Sonakshi to tell the truth that Karan kidnapped her but she refused to accept his proposals, he tries to call her again but she does not answer, he wonders why she is not even answering his call because she does not even understand that her life is being destroyed because of Karan who did not even understandSonakshi enters the room, wondering why he is constantly calling her; he responds that she is his daughter, and he gets sick seeing her in this wheelchair; he helps her stand, but she sits down again, exclaiming that he must let her because it is because of this wheelchair that she is receiving all this sympathy from the Luthras.

Mr Raichand responds that had he not saved her from attempting suicide, he recalls how he saved her while she was attempting to cut her vein, he then promised her to get back her daughter but she then demanded him to bring her Karan, Mr Raichand asks her if she loves Karan, Sonakshi replies that she loves him the most and that after meeting Sophia at the hotel she thought that when she will come back to himSonakshi gets up from her wheelchair and mentions that she needs some water.

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Mr Raichand asks her about the latest developments in the Luthra household, and warns her to be cautious of Preeta because she is very clever. Sonakshi explains that she does not have to worry about Preeta because if someone cries in front of her, she will surely be with Karan, her love.Pihu signals Rishab to stop, and she asks who he is. Rishab says his name is Pihu, and she becomes concerned, wondering how his name can be Pihu when it is her name.

Rishab exclaims it is a really beautiful name, he comes to sit in front of her exclaiming his name is Rishab, but her name is even more beautiful than his, he asks if she knows who he is and then explains he is Karan’s elder brother, so she can call him uncle or elder father, or Rishab. Pihu inquires as to how he knows her name; Rishab responds that it is because she is very famous and is well-known in London, Turkey, and the United States; he has even brought a lot of gifts and a large chocolate for her so they can be friends.

Sameer is overjoyed to see Rishab and hugs him; Kritika is also overjoyed to see him but then hits Sameer with a pillow; Pihu remarks that they should be stopped because they are damaging the house’s belongings.

The entire family arrives, and Rishab accepts Rakhi’s blessings, wondering how he could have missed any of the event.

He then goes to Karina, who says she was certain he would return, to which Rishab responds, “How could he not come to see her in such perfect condition?” Karan shouts Rishab’s name from the back and approaches him to hug him, but Rishab questions whether he has practised and performed the duties. Karan hugs Rishab and then says he will not perform the duties because Rishab must handle everything. Rishab wonders how the duties can end now that they have to bring the Murti and set up the function on the lawn. Dadi inquires whether he has invited Jitu jee.

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Rishab wonders how he could not invite him and then gave him the first invitation, Dadi says she will wear the best dress, she asks Kritika to help her select matching modern jewellery, Kritika wonders if she should really choose modern jewellery, Dadi explains he is still a lot more handsome than most of the heroes, When Kritika and Dadi leave, Rakhi exclaims that they should all get to work because even if the function is in the lawn, the arti must be performed in the house.


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