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Michael Vartan Claims That While Filming The Famous Never Been Kissed Scene, He Developed ‘Feelings’ For Drew Barrymore.


Michael Vartan has admitted to fostering a few “sentiments” for co-star Drew Barrymore when they recorded that famous end scene in Never Been Kissed.

Showing up as a visitor on the entertainer’s self-named syndicated program, The Drew Barrymore Show, Vartan, 52, uncovered his manners of thinking as the couple kissed on the baseball hill in what is apparently quite possibly the most heartfelt film scene ever. “I gotta say I haven’t seen that clasp in years and remaining there I got enthusiastic,” he said after the scene was played on screen.

“This present film’s been an enormous piece of my life, each time I’m halted it’s in every case Never Been Kissed, so it’s a quite astonishing thing to be a piece of and this get-together is simply wonderful.”When Barrymore, 46, inquired as to whether he had a specific recollections from the hit 1999 film, he shared in the background subtleties she didn’t think about.

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Vartan then, at that point admitted to Barrymore that the kiss got him more energized than he had expected. “So I get up to the hill, and we embrace and we begin kissing and you truly kissed me — I mean you truly kissed me, I was not prepared for it at all,” he said.”And I’m a man, I was an extremely young fellow in those days and I had sentiments, the sentiments simply occurred and I immediately acknowledged I was in an exceptionally awful spot since I was wearing exceptionally free, kind of slacks.”

Barrymore likewise reviewed him being an excellent smoocher while clarifying that she “pulled out all the stops” on the grounds that Vartan was single at that point. “You know, you weren’t hitched at that point indeed I let it all out, in light of the fact that you were single and I felt like I wasn’t going to insult anyone,” she said.


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