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Miller Lite Introduces Beernaments Just In Time For The Holidays.

Miller Lite

Beer can now be stored on Christmas trees.This year, Miller Lite will launch Beernaments, a new seasonal product. These items, as the name implies, combine beer and Christmas ornaments.According to a press release, the beer maker will sell the boozy decorations online while supplies last.

The ornaments are made to “snugly” hold an 8-ounce can of Miller Lite. According to the press release, once the beer has been consumed, the ornaments have a tab on them that allows them to be hung from a tree.

Of course, someone looking to fill a Christmas tree with beer could probably find a way to hang the ornaments with full cans of beer inside them as well.KFC REPLACES 11 HERBS AND SPICES FIRELOG WITH HERBS AND SPICES CABINSofia Colucci, global VP of the Miller family of brands, stated, “We know that this year’s holiday celebrations will be more intimate, which means more Miller Time with close friends and loved ones. Our Beernaments are not only amusing, but also a great way to brighten the holidays for beer lovers everywhere, from drinks to décor.

Give the Gift of Miller Time this Season: Miller Lite Introduces Beernaments,  Drinkable Ornaments for the Holidays

“Miller Lite is promoting the Beernaments with actor and comedian Jimmy O. Yang.”As a long-time Miller Lite fan and my first professional holiday decorator, I’m very excited to help bring Beernaments to beer lovers, holiday enthusiasts, and just general joy to the world,” Yang said in a statement. “I honestly had no idea what to get my friends this year, and these Beernaments are going to be a huge hit with my friends, family, and fantasy football league during the holidays. Who wouldn’t want to drink beer from a Christmas ornament?”


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