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Nicolas Cage stormed Off Set After Rust Armourer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed Fired A Gun Without Warning.


The 24-year-old film set armourer who saw Alec Baldwin shoot Halyna Hutchins dead reportedly caused a furious Nicolas Cage to walk off set for firing a gun without warning.Hannah Gutierrez-Reed was in charge of weapons on the set of Cage’s The Old Way in August when crew members repeatedly complained about her violating basic gun safety protocols, according to The Wrap.Stu Brumbaugh, who worked as a key grip on the set of The Old Way, told the outlet Gutierrez-Reed fired a gun without warning twice in three days, prompting Cage to blow up and walk off set because of her carelessness.

Brumbaugh also spoke with the assistant director about his concerns about Gutierrez-safety. Reed’s”I told the AD, ‘She has to go,'” he recalled.”I was irritated after the second round.” We were moving too quickly. She’s a newbie.”Brumbaugh and another crew member told The Wrap that the young armourer “put the cast and crew in several unnecessary and dangerous situations.”During the filming of The Old Way, Gutierrez-Reed allegedly violated safety protocols by walking on set with live rounds of blanks without informing the cast and crew, tucked pistols under her arms, and carried rifles in each hand in a manner that saw them aimed at people, according to Brumbaugh.

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The key grip also stated that she fired guns without warning on two occasions, as is required.Brumbaugh stated in the first instance that she fired the gun to see if the blast would startle the horses, but the gun went off without warning.Gutierrez-Reed had previously told the Voices of the West podcast that she wasn’t ready to take on the role of head armourer for The Old Way – just months before the tragedy on Alec Baldwin’s set. “It was also my first time as head armourer.” “You know, I was really nervous about it at first, and I almost didn’t take the job because I wasn’t sure if I was ready, but doing it, it went really smoothly,” she told The Wrap’s podcast in September.

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“The best part of my job is just showing people who are normally scared of guns how safe they can be and how they’re not really problematic unless they get into the wrong hands.”Despite Brumbaugh’s recollections, a producer who worked on The Old Way told The Wrap that they did not recall any safety issues.”I have no recollection of this happening on our set.” “I asked my partners the same question,” the producer explained.”Some of the details in some of these accounts, particularly when it comes to The Old Way, have been exaggerated.”Investigations into the death of Halyna Hutchins, who died after Alec Baldwin was given a gun with a live round despite shouting “cold gun” before the rehearsal, are still ongoing.


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