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Pokimane ‘s Hot Tub Stream Amused Everyone.

Imane Pokimane first hot tub stream was hosting Anys, but she changed the format.

One of the biggest Twitch stars (7.8 million followers) took on Twitch’s most controversial show style, enjoying its birthday. In the average hot tub stream, somebody takes questions from the spectators while wearing a bath suit in a jacuzzi.

a group of streamers, including Pokimane are hanging out in a hot tub. Pokimane is wearing a shirt dress with a bikini bod printed onto it

But when Pokimane unpacked her robe and got into the camera frame, she was completely clothed with a long shirt dress with cartoon bikini on it. The whole thing was a gag for her birthday.

The band of LA-based content creators, including streaming figures such as Lily “LilyPichu,” Ki, Jeremy “Disguised Toast,” Wang, and Wiliam “Scarra” Li, chilled Pokimane in a giant hot tub. The group ate dinner, drank, and talked about various subjects such as Naruto.

Basically, it was a live stream of streamers, except that they were all in a whirlpool. “BEST BOOBAS ON THE SITE,” titled Pokimane.
The transmission from the hot tub while using a bikini — as fans know, “hot tub streaming meta” — was a Twitch trend in early April. The streams deliberately skirt Twitch’s sexual content rules, but they don’t violate them. “Hot Tub Streaming” has nevertheless launched a debate about what women should and should not wear during streaming.

In that debate, Pokimane professed neutrality. She told her fans in early May that police hot tub streams were a futile endeavor: “When you remove hot tub streamers, people would find another way to skirt the line. My idea, Twitch, is to do a better job of designing your website.”


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