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RECAP: Kenya Moore leaves ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ But Iman Shumpert Surprises

Dancing with the Stars

Kenya Moore returned home. Suni Lee was about to be fired.That is this week’s “Dancing with the Stars” headline. The interesting take, however, is how well some also-rans have done.NBA star Iman Shumpert received a perfect 40 on “Horror Night” for his wowser contemporary dance based on the film “Us.” He skated beautifully with Daniella Karagach, performing lifts like a pro. He swung her around with abandon, too, and delivered one of the year’s best performances. Even Bruno Tonioli referred to it as a “masterpiece.

“Country singer Jimmie Allen performed a freestyle dance to “A Quiet Place” and was visibly moved at the end. He received a 38.Only Jojo Siwa (with a creepy “It” jazz number) improved – he received a 40.While Amanda Kloots was up there with her, she managed a 38 for an Argentine tango inspired by “Saw.” The judges thought she was a little stiff. She was able to overcome the criticism, however. Melora Hardin, another high-scoring performer, received a 34 for her routine to “Cujo.”

Dancing With the Stars' Week 3: Best Dances, Most Impressive Scores from  Britney Night! | Entertainment Tonight

Her parents (who are also in the business) showed up to watch, which is usually a sign that someone is leaving. Olivia Jade was alone because her parents were not present. However, she only received a 36 for her tango from “The Vampire Diaries.” She did receive a Zoom call from Nina Dobrev, which may have appeared to be a consolation prize, but she did address the low numbers that had been bothering her. Nobody brought up her college entrance scandal, which had made her a regular in gossip columns. But it’s still there. Hardin, Rigsby, and The Miz are likely to be the next players to be sent home. Tyra Banks, the show’s host, wore a mummy dress (good) and a bloody dress (bad) while promoting the drama.They’ll be saluting Queen the following week. Expect a lot of familiar moves (no more flipping, Suni Lee) as well as a break in the middle ground. It’s possible that this is the first time so many male celebrities have advanced this far in the competition.


Kenya Moore | According to Matthew Hayden, “there has never been a more disciplined and humble approach to winning than in Pakistan’s locker room.”

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