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Sakshi Plans To Fire Purvi, Molkki 26th October 2021 Written Episode


Sakshi begins the latest episode of Molkki by saying that according to the plan, the kids must meet me before meeting Purvi, and only then will Virender believe her. She believes it is the only way to reclaim her family. She informs Arjun that you will also receive your money as a result of the process. Arjun appreciates her recalling the transaction. Sakshi believes that if everything goes as planned, everything will be fine.

She says it’s time to call it a day and kick Purvi out of the house. Arjun shakes her hand and wishes her the best of luck. Obtain the entire Molkki’s Written Episode for October 25th, 2021 When Virender starts coughing, Purvi offers him water, but Virender rudely declines. Sakshi enters the room at the same time and smiles as she notices Virender’s refusal to take water from Purvi’s hand. Virender assures Purvi that she will be free once Juhi and Manas are apprehended. Sakshi lied to Virender about going to the temple to pray for children. She asks Purvi if she received a call from Arjun, but she denies it, but Arjun calls Purvi at the same time

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Virender notices the call and requests that Purvi put the phone on speaker. Update on Molkki’s Written EpisodeArjun requests that Purvi meet him at the construction site in an hour with money if she wants to see her children alive.

He warns her not to do anything stupid because it will endanger her children. He continues, “Don’t forget to bring money to see your kids alive,” and then hangs up the phone. Hearing Arjun’s words, Manas and Juhi become terrified. When Virender says, “Let’s go,” Sakshi asks, “What about the money?” Virender informs her that one of her servants is on his way to bring her the money.Juhi and Manas are aware that they have been captivated by Arjun. They consider going to Purvi.

Arjun realises it is time to leave as well and enters the room. Juhi and Manas were about to leave when Juhi suggests to Manas that he just fool Arjun, that we won’t let him know that we are aware of his reality. Let’s reflectin his footsteps. Juhi tells Arjun that she feels suffocated in the room and wants to leave. Then Juhi inquires about Baba, Haathi, and Sakshi. He responds by saying that he is calling him. Tune in to Colors TV at 10 p.m. to see the entire episode. Keep an eye on Social Telecast for more information on the Mollki Written Update.


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