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Selma Blair Discusses Living With Multiple Sclerosis: ‘At This Moment, I’m Great’


Selma Blair is taking each day one at a time.On “Good Morning America” on Monday, the 49-year-old actress discussed her new documentary “Introducing, Selma Blair,” and she opened up about living with multiple sclerosis.”Right now, I’m great,” Blair Robin Roberts says. “It’s important to say ‘right now,’ and I don’t want to be complaining, even though I — I always say, ‘I have no complaints, but do you have a minute?'” It’s like my happy thing.”

“I have more gains than losses,” she continued. And I do have things that can be embarrassing at times, but this is the part that I want to show because it’s the part that’s healing, perfect, and accepting — the glitches, maybe some of the speech.”Blair also discussed the significance of the large response when she announced her MS diagnosis.

“What I saw when people came up to me after an Instagram post or your show that I was on — how much it meant,” she said. “And that moved me more than anything else I have accomplished or done in my life.” The actress also discussed her first experience with experimental stem cell treatments and chemo.”I kinda got to a point where my nervous system and more symptoms were bothering me, and I couldn’t stay awake.” My entire life, I was terrified of chemo. “I’m someone who has always gone holistic when I can,” she said, adding that she began to improve after just one round of chemotherapy.

Selma Blair's son on his mom's MS: 'Mommy's brave'

She also stated that her brain is no longer prone to the formation of new lesions.”I chose this as a marker in my life to want to live, to want to be a person who can show other people with chronic illness, disabilities, an injury they couldn’t overcome, a hit,” she explained.

“I just got hit. And we take blows… “And it is possible to be resilient,” Blair said.When asked if she would consider acting again, she said, “If the right thing comes along — I’m not looking, but God knows I would never say I wouldn’t dream of being a part of an amazing set one day.””We have to take care of ourselves and be patient,” Blair concluded. And then better times arrive. Perhaps not forever. Perhaps it isn’t a cure. But, more often than not, better times will arrive. On this planet, we’re supposed to have fun. I’d never felt anything like that before.”


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