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Skating through People’s Hearts: Mark Kiessling’s Skate Street Apparel Brand Bubblenumbb

The world of skateboarding has been on a rise ever since its advent in the early 20th century. Since then, its growth has led to this sport becoming a universe of its own, allowing skaters to turn what was once considered a passionate hobby into a legitimate well-paying career. Today, there are over 20 million skateboards globally, with over 16 million of them being from the United States itself.

Skateboarding has allowed people all over the world to meet, compete, and interact while doing something that they love. This is where Mark Kiessling/Jumex’s Skate Street Apparel brand Bubblenumbb comes into play and becomes the protagonist of the rink.

Mark Kiessling/Jumex started Bubblenumbb in 2020 to be more involved in the skating community of America. With a vibrant history in the world of skating, Mark Kiessling/Jumex understood the concerns and needs of the skaters of needing some comfortable and affordable skate streetwear clothes. Bubblenumbb’s affordable yet pleasant skating apparel makes it a unique brand. The soft and relaxed fabrics of the skate street apparel of Bubblenumbb have earned a good name for the brand and skated through the hearts of the skating world community in no time. Initially, targeted for the young and wild adults, Bubblenumbb has added many tiers of attractiveness while skating in the young community.

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